Park Rules

The Feeding of Wild Birds

As part of our pest control efforts, we would ask people NOT to feed the ducks and geese with either bread or cooked kitchen waste, as these are of little nutritional value to the birds and attract rats and other vermin.

Any increase in rats is not only bad for public health, but is also a threat to the ducks as rats are known to take eggs and kill young birds.

If you enjoy feeding the ducks; seed grain or wild bird mixes are best for both the birds and the environmental health of the park. Duck food and Bird seed is also available at the Visitor Centre for 50p per bag.

Dog Walkers

It is against the park bylaws to allow your dog to;

  • Enter the water or lakes

  • Disturb any bird or animal

  • Annoy any person

To ensure the safety of swans, ducks and other waterfowl,


Dogs should also not be brought into the Visitor Centre or cafe, except guide dogs.

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Birkenhead Park Bylaws

Birkenhead Park's current bylaws came into operation in 1985.

The following are the ones most often dealt with.

For a full list please ask at the Visitor Centre.

  1. No climbing of any wall, fence, barrier, railing, tree, post or other structure in or enclosing the park.

  2. No driving or riding of any vehicle at a speed or in a manner to cause danger to other persons or without consideration of other persons.

  3. No bringing into the park any machine or vehicle other then a cycle, wheelchair or pram; except in a space set apart for that vehicle.

  4. No cycling except in an area designated for cycling, like the roads.

  5. No walking, running, standing, sitting, or lying upon any flower bed, shrub bed or plant, or any ground in preparation for flowers, trees, shrubs or plants.

  6. No bathing, wading, diving or swimming in any lake or pond.

  7. Dogs must be under control, and restrained from causing annoyance to any person, or from disturbing any animal or bird, or from entering any lake or pond.

  8. No playing any game in an area set apart for a specific game, other then the one specified. (e.g. No football on tennis courts)

  9. No camping or pitching of a tent or other structure.

  10. No driving, pitching or chipping a hard golf ball.

Angling is not controlled by bylaws, but different regulations,

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Any person breaking these bylaws may be removed from the park by any officer of the council or any constable, provided that the breach is seen by the officer or constable, and the name and address of the person is unknown or cannot easily be found.

Where a person has a lawful right to carry out any of the above activities, a breach of the bylaws has not taken place, e.g a council officer may wade into the pond, or stand on a flower bed, when carrying out their duties