Around the Park

Around the park there is always something to do or something going on! Whether you want to keep fit or experience the lovely sights and sounds of the natural landscape, Birkenhead Park always has something to offer!

The Park has many historic, unique buildings and pieces of architecture that can be found in the grounds themselves. From the Roman Boathouse to the iconic Swiss Bridge Birkenhead Park has a little bit of everything!

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Birkenhead Park is famous for it's Cricket Pavilion, but there are plenty of other sports that happen regularly like bowels, weekend Football Leagues and Tennis

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Children's Playground

There is a children's play area located just by the Ashville Road entrance to the park with modern facilities. There is also a small rockery meant for climbing and a regular ice cream truck! So there is plenty to do for your little ball of energy!

 One of the best reasons to get to the park is to keep fit, and as such there are several ways you can do this around the park, suited to all age groups!

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Fishing in the Lakes

The park has two main lakes which are certified fishing areas and attract a lot of local (and some not-so-local) Wildlife. The Lakes are the perfect place to pitch up with a rod or leisurely stroll around. 

 As the park was built to be a haven for the natural world there are many unusual trees  and some odd wildlife to be found around the many natural vistas and walks.

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What's the best way to learn about our beautiful park? We offer a guided tour on a subject of your choosing, by one of our resident rangers, planned by you!

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The Visitor Centre in the park houses a gallery space and a function room, which are available for hire. They cater to art exhibitions and meetings or presentations, respectfully.

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